If you struggle with your weight, you’ve undoubtedly been frustrated by diets and products
that make big promises but don’t yield big results. Or maybe you’ve lost weight, only to
regain it – and more – when you went back to your routine.

You may think that because of your age, budget, or mobility level, you’ll never be able to take
off those excess pounds.

But with Jim’s help, anyone can lose weight – that means YOU!

Jim teaches you simple ways to help you lose weight and keep it off – FOREVER. When you
commit to following these steps consistently, you’ll find they lead to fantastic changes
that will last you a lifetime.

Jim’s blog offers insights, tips, and the support you need as you learn to stop gaining pounds
and start gaining control of your weight, health, and life.

You Do Not Have a Weight Problem!

Honest, you really do not have a weight problem.  You may have a problem with your weight but that is only a symptom; a symptom of the real problem.  Trying to lose weight without addressing the cause of the real problem will not work.  You may lose a few pounds for a while, but until […]

The Magic Number for Weight Loss

A lot of people have been asking me why they should lose 20 lbs, why not 30, 40, or 50? There is a specific reason why and you should read my article to find out.

The Secret to Weight Loss for Everyone

No one plans to gain weight, but in order to lose weight successfully you ARE going to need a plan. And that plan has to be SIMPLE, NATURAL, and PERMANENT. Let me explain what I mean by that: First, losing weight has to be simple because simple works. Most weight loss plans are confusing and […]

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